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With the launch in 2010 and the YouTube partnership in 2011, Airsofttipps is one of the oldest active projects for Airsoft in Germany.

Airsofttipps is addressed to all airsoft players, without forgetting the beginners. Technical terms are used, but also explained.

In addition to product reviews, news and game reports, as experienced airsoft players we want to give beginners a safe start in this hobby. Our team consists of players and former employees of airsoftshops. And we are always happy to expand this team with new members. Because with every additional perspective, Airsofttipps also gains in additional quality.

Airsofttips history:

The beginning:

Paddy on the history of airsofttips:

The project Airsofttipps officially started on 18.08.2010 with the first video. I’d like to say it was all planned and structured. But that wouldn’t be true!

The channel itself, as well as a Facebook fan page I had already created a few weeks before the first video, but at first I hadn’t planned it any further.

It all started with an HP Photosmart R818 and an idea. Airsoft on YouTube was different in Germany in 2010. There weren’t really any really big channels. Many video titles contained the term “Softairschlacht” in some form and often also some illegal content. Whether it’s games in the town forest, flashlights on weapons or much more.

I wanted to try to change this view.. Instead of good in-game content, which I could not provide, I decided on explanations. In other words, inform beginners about the legal situation here in Germany.

Generate reach

The first 2 additional videos followed relatively quickly. To push everything a bit, I also published the videos in the so called Airsoftverzeichnis (a german social network for airsoft players). Without this, Airsofttipps would never have become anything.

The topics were very difficult in the beginning and this probably established and cemented my reputation as an everlasting airsoft-nerd.

In retrospect, I did some things right in this time, but also some things wrong. As good I consider today many more provocative videos (illegal manipulations/softair battle & software war). Even though the first one in particular received much justified criticism, it was still one of the strongest to retain new viewers. But it was bad that I started several series at the same time and without a big concept. Thus, some videos with strongly overlapping content were created or the series had to be subsequently renewed and implemented.

The first achievements:

Already on 16th January 2011 I could announce the first success. Airsofttipps had reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. The feedback was mostly positive at that time and so slowly Airsofttipps became more and more popular.

Of course, the Airsoftverzeichnis and also the Airsofttipps Facebook page played a big role for that. There was already very good activity on both platforms in 2011.

Of course, I wanted to change my reputation as a know-it-all. So I went back to events. First smaller ones like the OP Herbstlaub and later the SBG4, where I meet many new people who knew me through the videos. That was a really weird feeling. Especially on the Herbstlaub, where I could talk to some people who criticized me, that helped me a lot.

But above all I wanted to expand my cooperation with other YouTubers afterwards. Then I wanted to achieve my goal, the more positive image of Airsoft on YouTube. For example a campaign with the then still quite new channel Eistee. I didn’t really care if I was working with a big like Ripperkon/USFCO or a small one. This led to the idea of the Airsoft YouTube team.

The Airsoft YouTube team:

The Airsoft YouTube team emerged from the idea that many channels work together to the advantage of each. A connecting team channel, on which all videos of the others are sorted linked and reciprocal links should be the beginning. Working together on videos, supporting action and much more was still under discussion.

What caused all this to fail? Well, there were many reasons. On the one hand, Airsoft on YouTube may just not have been ready. On the other hand, disputes quickly arose in the early days. So I had invited many different channels at that time. These included e.g. Ripperkon/Darky or USFCO. Another one, which I don’t want to mention here, which was relatively small at that time, was also one of them. The first discussion arose e.g. from the question, what this small channel (at that time with less than 500 one of the smaller in the group) monetary would get for link the others. This became so ridiculous at one point that I expelled this channel from the team. Which led to a rather long fight with mutual defamation videos and a lot of catfight. Today I can laugh about it.

The first reviews. The beginning of the first line:

In the middle of 2011 I slowly ran out of topics for the first time. The weapon series was mostly finished and many small videos as well. Questions about product reviews became more frequent. So I started with a few little things to test this one. Although it was about equipment and accessories, the feedback was very positive.

Now I was faced with a problem that we no longer know in this context. Where do I get the review material from? Influencer marketing was not as well-known then as it is today. Sponsoring was usually possible. But even with percentages we’re talking about amounts per video that can’t be kept up for long. So I did 2 reviews which were supposed to serve as the first ” flagships “. With this online I wanted to get in contact with the shops.



Why was that the beginning of the first line? As already mentioned, influencer marketing was still generally unknown at the time. The airsoft scene was no exception. So at the beginning I could only persuade one shop to cooperate and this was Sniper-as. Other well-known shops were unfortunately not very flexible at the time.

The cooperation with Sniper-as went very well, so that I gradually lost the neutrality that was so important to me. Clearly the reviews were open and honest, but only ever linked to one page. Unfortunately, this did not change the opinion of other shops at the time. So that it was simply not possible for me to regain neutrality. An important lesson for the future.

The first pause:

The cooperation with the sponsor Sniper-as went very well. I can’t complain in the retrospect. Sometime I got a job/training offer from the manager in a longer telephone call, which I also accepted. What could be better than making your hobby your profession after all?

I don’t regret these 3 years in any way, but I just couldn’t continue with Airsofttipps in a neutral way. After some more videos I finally realized that and paused Airsofttipps.

The relaunch:

The reputation of Airsofttipps was of course severely damaged after the long pause and several small annoucements coming back.

After I no longer worked directly in my hobby Airsoft, I decided in 2017 after a long time that I would like to try again. But this time different from the very beginning! This page was created, more profiles secured on social networks and new people brought on board. Airsofttipps should never be just on one person again. The focus on one person also dropped.

And this is where the story ends. We’ll see what happens next.

Thank you for your interest.