We need you! New Airsofttipps members welcome

We need you! New Airsofttipps members welcome2019-05-01T12:35:23+02:00

The first years Airsofttipps was a 1 man project. With the decision to relaunch in 2017, it was clear that it should never be about one person again. New people were added, new ideas and fresh concepts. But there is definitely more space in our team! Whether you’re an Airsoft player simply want to help extend Airsofttipps as a project, or already have your own projects. Everyone is welcome!

Airsofttipps open positions:

Promote your own projects – grow together

You already have your own projects, a blog, YouTube channel or other? Airsofttipps should also serve as an exchange between different projects and as a platform. Especially by working together, projects in different sectors can grow together instead of working against each other.

Just contact us at info@airsofttipps-blog.de

We are looking forward to every cooperation!