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How well can an Airsoft player master real firearms?

A really interesting question, which T.Rex Arms is answering in the current video. We airsoft players work with replicas of real firearms. So could this be seen as “dry training”? But how easy it can be done with real weapons.

Because there are some differences after all. The most important thing will probably be the actual recoil. Not a simple movement of a replica of a bolt, but the actual opposite force of a flying projectile. Even the handling differs slightly in intensity. Something you can observe every year at the IWA with “first-time visitors”. If they try to charge a real weapon for the first time, they are astonished how strong the spring is.

Whether the results can be applied to every Airsoft player is of course questionable. But the Airsoft player shown in the video can keep up with experienced shooters and the recoil control is also impressive.

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