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Airsofttipps creator blogs? What’s that? And above all, why all this?

Which you’re probably noticing by now. The writing style here is somewhat more relaxed than in the “normal” postings. There is an own menu point in the top bar and above all each author writes here from the I-perspective

Airsofttipps was a 1-man-show for a long time, which was sometimes very demanding. Stan and Reaper have been with me for several months now. Both are currently in the process of learning how to do this. In addition, as in the past, the impression of the eternal know-it-all, which none of us has ever been and never wants to be, quickly arises. Most of the people who go playing with us know that, too. But how is the rest of them supposed to know? How should we properly introduce ourselves to new readers? And above all, how do we transport Airsofttips and our own life as an Airsoft player to the outside world in a reasonably comfortable way?

This is exactly what these blogs will serve for in the future. Every author can have fun here, test out new formats or simply write freely about anything Airsoft related.

What do the blogs bring to the readers?

Well, first and foremost, it helps you to get to know us better. We don’t want to be just faces at the bottom of the blog posts. Each of us is a unique character with individual stories and habits. We are players like you who just got together in the Airsofttipps project.

In addition, we can keep you more easily informed about new products or upcoming projects. This also serves our interests of transparency. This way we don’t even get the impression that we can be bought. Or maybe some shop is already pulling the strings. This neutrality is far too important to us! So we will take you behind the scenes every now and then.

Small useful tips and tricks from experienced airsoft players. Together we have certainly already accumulated over 30 years of experience in airsoft. During this time many useful things build up that might be interesting for beginners. Not all of these can necessarily be combined into full Airsofttipps articles. In this way, we have created a platform for this.

Game reports. We all 3 go playing various times. And you usually hear very little about these little games. Small interesting areas get forgotten quickly. With such game reports you can find out what we are doing and where we are going to play. In addition, you will find out about a wide variety of areas and events that might be of interest to you.

What do the blogs bring us?

First and foremost experience. We write something, see if you react and what might be interesting. A small tip in the author’s blog, which turns out to be highly interesting, can quickly be turned into a full Airsofttipps article.

In addition we learn so simply the possibilities of our theme’s in a small environment, without destroying immediately the whole page.

In addition, we can easily integrate the author blogs into our existing projects. And yet treat both easily separately. So I can post my posts directly to my own FB page without making Airsofttipps a complete spam account. Same goes for Stan. And I think it also makes it easier for other possible new authors to join in.

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