VFC/Umarex H&K VP9 Tactical GBB – Disassembling and assembling

The H&K VP9 Tactical is very easy to disassemble. However, especially the assembly can cause problems. First remove the magazine from the pistol. Then pull the slide back until the recess in it is at the same level as the disassembly lever. This is then turned 90° downwards. The slide can now be pushed forward. Now I [...]


VFC/Umarex Glock 17 Deluxe – Disassembly and Assembly

Disassembling and assembling the VFC/Umarex Glock 17 Deluxe Disassembling a Glock is not a special challenge in itself. The Airsoft replicas usually don't differ much. The same applies to the Deluxe version. Pull the slide back (the internal "hammer" must be in the lower position). Press the disassembly button down on both sides. Remove the slide to the front. Remove spring rod [...]


Presentation of the CQB hall of SWAT Erfurt in Bad Berka

What exactly does the area look like and how is it organized? Often the first visit to a location is a blind date. A few pictures and maybe even in-game videos can always be found, but rarely a presentation. During the filming in the CQB hall of the SWAT Erfurt we tried 3 different concepts for such an presentation. Presentation CQB Hall Bad [...]


Zentauron Faststick system – Airsofttipps

We had already published a video about "how tu use molle properly" some time ago. But now there is also the Faststick System from Zentauron. Since we can still see it used inappropriately, even by friends and other people, we have a short contribution to the correct use of this system today. General information about the Faststick system With the appearance [...]


Which safety eyewear to buy? – Airsofttipps

The question is not a new one. Which protective spectacle is best for Airsoft? In general, this question cannot be answered with a single product from a specific manufacturer. Here we have brought together the 5 points that we consider important for the choice of your eye protection. Suitability as eye protection Accessories and spare parts Fitting Seat/Stopping cost Here we have deliberately set the [...]