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The british version of the FN FAL as airsoft replica

Today British soldiers can only be seen with the bullpup assault rifle L85 in different versions. Before that the L1A1 served many years as a assault rifle. It was manufactured by several British companies (including Enfield).

Since it was already introduced in 1954, this results in an interesting detail. Because from 1956 to 1959 the FN FAL served with as the G1 in the german Bundeswehr. For 3 years German and British soldiers had in principle the same assault rifle.

But enough of the story. The L1A1 is also available as an Airsoft replica, manufactured by Ares Airsoft. And USAirsoft takes a closer look at this classic among the assault rifles.

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  1. Marc 28. May 2019 at 21:13 - Reply

    Not quite true, the British infantry soldier today can also be been seen carrying the 7.62mm L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle. The L1A1 SLR was officially adopted as such in 1958. It wasn’t manufactured by private companies in the UK but entirely at various Government owned Royal Small Arms Factories around the country namely Enfield, Birmingham and Fazakerly.


    • Airsofttipps 28. May 2019 at 21:25 - Reply

      Yeah, you’re right about that, of course. But in this case it is about assault rifles. And the L129A1 is not meant to be used as an assault rifle ;-).

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