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ICS BLE XPD GBB Review – DesertFoxAirsoft – News

The compact ICS GBB pistol from the BLE series The ICS BLE (Black Leopard Eye) series is already well known. We have already tested the XAE (Xtreme Ambi Enhanced) ourselves (click here for the review). DesertFoxAirsoft takes a look at the most compact pistol of this innovative series in the current review. The ICS BLE XPD.

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SRC SR-33 Tokarev TT-33 – Airsoft Mike – News

Airsoft Mike again has something for fans of russian weapons Airsoft Mike is a fan of russian weapons. You could see this especially in his review of the LCT LCK12 (AK12 replica). Now he looked at a classic pistol. The Tokarev TT-33 as GBB version, manufactured by SRC. Visually this pistol is certainly suitable for fans of russian weapons. But especially for a historical loadout this pistol is a suitable backup.

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Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Line Super Tarp – News

Supertarp made by Helikon-Tex A tarp is always useful, no matter if you are an airsoft player or just an outdoor enthusiast. It can simply be used as an emergency tent, rain cover, padding or simply as a cover. Of course, all this also applies to the Helikon-Tex Supertarp from the Bushcraft Line. With an area of 3x3 meters and 19 fixing points, it can be used for many purposes. And if you don't need it, you can simply put it [...]

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Cheap Bank Robber Loadout – Airsoft Gi – News

A cheap loadout for the airsoft bank robber? There are certainly many interesting loadout ideas. We have rarely seen a cheap bank robber loadout with a mix of black and white. But nevertheless it is quite interesting what AirsoftGi demonstrates in this case. Two different loadouts are shown. One for the VFC H&K MP7 A1 AEG and one for a MP5 replica. Together with a suitable plate carrier or Chest-Rig.

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KJW KP-01 GBB – Review

The P226 is an absolute classic among pistols. And also the KJW KP-01 has already earned a good reputation as a replica of this pistol. High stability and playability at a good price. Therefore we took a closer look at these classics among the airsoft pistols. This was provided to us by Begadi. Scope of delivery KJW KP-01 Gas Magazine 3-part loading tool KJW BB's instruction manual KJW product catalogue Technical data [...]

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WE Mauser M712 GBB Review – Team-030-Airsoft – News

The automatic pistol of the 30s as a GBB Long before the Glock 18, there were fully automatic pistols with exchangeable magazines. One of the first was the M712 made by Mauser. Developed out of the C96 and its long version M711, it was manufactured from 1932 to 1936. One of the classic features of the rifle was the stock which could also be removed and used as a holster. But enough to be a real role model. Airsoft players also [...]

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G&G KAC SR25 E2 APC M-LOK released – News

The well-known SR25 in its modern version by G&G Armament The G&G that has the KAC (Knights Armament Company) license is already known. And the first AR15 replicas from this license have already been presented (click here for the post). Now it's time for something bigger. And the SR25 is probably more than appropriate. This then directly in a slightly more modern version. Including a M-LOK hand guard with integrated QD ports. This beauty has now been released first in the USA. But of course we [...]

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Umarex/VFC H&K MP7 A1 – Evo Killer? – Redwolf Airsoft – News

Does the VFC MP7 A1 AEG kill the EVO 3? The MP7 is certainly one of the best known modern PDW's/SMG's. Whether in movies or PC games, it appears more and more frequently. And there have already been some replicas. Whereby Marck however still tells a fact that many forget. The MP7 replicas of KWA/Wellfire and Tokyo Marui were somewhat smaller than the original. It was the VFC GBB that finally brought a true to original MP7 with original dimensions onto the [...]

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Set up the ASG/ICS Hera Arms CQR – Gambits Guide – News

How to set up the ICS Hera Arms CQR exactly? Something we hardly noticed so far with the new Hera Arms CQR is shown in the current Redwolf Airsoft video. The ECU and its settings. Gambit demonstrates them in detail, including the Burst and Fully Automatic settings which are unfortunately not available in Germany. And of course also how to adjust it. These possibilities will unfortunately be blocked with the German version.

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Systema PTW89 – Type 89 – Hyperdouraku – News

The japanese assault rifle as Airsoft-PTW Systema is known for its PTW (Professional Training Weapon) series. Especially noteworthy are M4 and MP5 replicas. Now in July 2019 a replica of the Japanese Type 89 as PTW will be released. For us here in Germany/Europe this weapon is very exotic. In our blog we have written once about this weapon. It was centered around the Type 89 GBB replica made by Toyko Marui. Hyperdouraku was already able to test this weapon [...]

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