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M40-A6 Airsoft sniper rifle – Ares Airsoft – News

The M40 in the most modern version as Airsoft replica Already some time ago we showed the first pictures of the new M40 A6. Ares Airsoft showed them on their own Facebook page. A sniper rifle with laterally foldable shoulder rest. This can also be adjusted in length and has an adjustable cheek length. Now there is also a video of this interesting new Airsoft weapon. We are curious when it will arrive.

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2 Day Assault Pack – Mystery Ranch – News

The little brother of a Mystery Ranch classic Mystery Ranch is best known for its Tri-Zip design. An interesting combination of 3 zippers, which makes the backpack very versatile. Either you only open the top two and have a simple top loader. If you have larger gear, or want to access something further down, simply open the additional zipper. A simple, but absolutely ingenious idea. This is used in many backpacks of Mystery Ranch. Among them is the classic 3-Day Assault [...]

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Airsoft skills tested with real firearms – News

How well can an Airsoft player master real firearms? A really interesting question, which T.Rex Arms is answering in the current video. We airsoft players work with replicas of real firearms. So could this be seen as "dry training"? But how easy it can be done with real weapons. Because there are some differences after all. The most important thing will probably be the actual recoil. Not a simple movement of a replica of a bolt, but the actual opposite force [...]

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Umarex/VFC Glock 17 Gen 5 Review – Tom’s Airsoft Channel – News

Glock 17 Gen 5 Review with optics assembling The new Glock 17 Gen 5 is certainly one of the surprises of Umarex 2019. Tom's Airsoft Channel takes a closer look at it in the current review. At the same time he connects 2 projects cleanly with each other. Recently he had shown the Sig Sauer Romeo Micro Red Dot, in the review of the Glock 17 Gen 5 this is of course mounted. And the result is the new version of [...]

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King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Review – Evike – News

King Arms PDW/PCC with MP5 magazines With the ARP-9 a new trend began, which many other manufacturers also followed. Compact lightweight PCC airsoft guns. The only drawback is often the purpose-built magazines. Since the IWA 2018, however, we have been observing an airsoft weapon with a decisive difference. It uses magazines that are already available on the market. Of course we are talking about the King Arms PDW 9mm SBR. A compact PCC based on the M4 series with [...]

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VFC Sig Sauer M17 GBB – Airsoft Mike – News

The first M17's are in Europe! One of the new Sig Sauer M17 GBB pistols appeared at Airsoft Mike. These are manufactured by VFC. And he also disassembles the M17 at times and shows a great special feature. This pistol can be disassembled like the original, up to taking out the trigger unit! Well, it's unlikely that different grips or an M18 kit will come out soon, but that in itself is interesting! You can also see the Hop-Up unit, as [...]

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VFC KAC SR25 ECC GBBR – Airsoft Taiwan – News

The Enhanced Combat Carbine Version of the SR25 Airsoft Taiwan presents the new SR25 ECC, manufactured as KAC license version of VFC. While the classic SR25 is designed more as a DMR, this is a heavy assault rifle. A slightly longer (1,034 mm) version of the M4, only in 7.62 mm. The length of the stock can be adjusted accordingly. This allows it to be easily adapted to the shooter and the used gear. A URX hand guard and a lightly executed [...]

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Secutor Velites Ferrum Metall Shotgun – Vid0005 Airsoft – News

Spring-loaded shotgun with KeyMod system from Secutor A beautifully designed Cyma. This is certainly a good description for the Velites Ferrum by Secutor. Vid0005-Airsoft shows this in a review in cooperation with Begadi. A spring-loaded shotgun with some interesting changes compared to the otherwise so well known models. So 3 rows of KeyMod were installed on the sides of the foreshaft. All 3 cannot be used at the same time with accessories, but one would have so theoretically the possibility to [...]

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Nuketown as Airsoft site – Asianwithhat – News

A classic COD map as Airsoft site Some Airsoft players are of course also gamers who like the COD series. And a classic map I still know from Black Ops is Nuketown. A small part of a test area as you imagine it. 2 usable houses, a few vehicles including a bus and a truck. And during the research I learned that the map also made it into the current time. And to play Airsoft on such a terrain would already [...]

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ICS CXP-MARS KOMODO SSS Limited Edition – Hyperdouraku – News

The KOMODO in a Limited Edition Hyperdouraku shows KOMODO from the CXP-MARS series by ICS Airsoft. A modern AR-15 variation with M-LOK hand guard, Picatinny toprail and collapsible stock. This limited version is especially remarkable for its grey colour. He has built it up a little bit like a DMR for the shooting test up to 40 meters. So bipod and scope are installed. The included flip-up sights are of course folded down. More pictures of this weapon you can find [...]

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