DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle

DMR is short for Designated Marksman Rifle. These are semi-automatic rifles that effectively fill the gap between assault rifles (used up to approx. 300-400 metres) and sniper rifles (usually from 600-800 metres).

Airsoft Terms DMR Designated Marksman Rifle Ares M110k

This role has previously been fulfilled by squad snipers. These received selected ordnance weapons which were already noticed during the shooting tests in the factory by an above-average precision. These weapons were often equipped with a fixed rifle scope (e.g. G3ZF).

Airsoft Terms DMR Designated Marksman Rifle VFC G3 GBB

Umarex/VFC G3 GBB at Umarex at the IWA 2019

Many armies now use 5.56×45 NATO caliber assault rifles. At 500-600 meters, it has a lower precision and effectiveness than the previously used 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. Therefore DMR rifles in 7.62mm caliber were often procured. Logistically this means, of course, that the infantry group has to keep another type of ammunition in stock. However, many armies accept this. In 2016 the Bundeswehr purchased additional rifles in the old Nato caliber under the designation G27P (based on the HK 417). These serve as heavy assault rifles and complement the G28 as currently used DMR.

Airsoft Terms DMR Designated Marksman Rifle H&K G28Z
Airsoft Terms DMR Designated Marksman Rifle H&K G28Z

Rifle scopes for longer distances and red dot sights for short distances in the mix are often used as optics. Alternatively, rifle scopes with low/variable magnification are also possible.

Airsoft Terms DMR Designated Marksman Rifle Secutor Rapax

Secutor Rapax with ccope and reddot

However, there are other approaches. The USMC recently tested a version of the H&K M27 in caliber 5.56mm as DMR. These rifles were introduced under the designation M38.

DMR and Airsoft

In general, a well built MP5 does not differ from a G3, with the exception of the barrel length. However, this has less influence on a 6mm ball than a good hop-up and a tight system. Therefore the use of DMR’s is often controversial. In the rules of many airsoft areas these weapons are described exactly. The length of the weapon, the type of optics, or even the original model are relevant. This prevents someone with a heavily modified MP5 from playing with 2 joules and more than DMR.

Airsoft Terms DMR Designated Marksman Rifle VFC H&K 417 Sniper

Therefore, DMR’s may also have a higher energy if a larger safety distance is ensured.

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