Fore Grip

A fore grip is a grip attached to the front of a weapon. That’s what the name itself tells us. This can either be attached additionally, for example using Picatinny rails, M-Lok or KeyMod. With some weapons such a grip is already built in from the beginning (e.g. MP5k or Steyr AUG).

First and foremost, fore grips provide better stability and recoil control. However, we can almost ignore the last of these for Airsoft.

Fore Grip – Forms


Classic form of the front grip where the grip simply protrudes vertically from the weapon. Additionally different lengths are possible.

Vertical Fore Grip on a G36k

The Grippod is a mixed form in which a bipod is integrated into the grip.

Grippod - Fore Grip with integrated Bipod


It is difficult to judge who exactly started with angled front grips. Thus even early versions of the well-known Thompson submachine gun had an angled pistol grip for better stability.

Angled Fore Grip on a G36k

Today the AFG from Magpul, as well as its numerous clones, certainly dominates this range. While it has a fixed angle, Hera Arms has in recent years also introduced a front handle with adjustable angle. There is also a licensed Airsoft replica of this from ASG.

ASG Hera Arms HFGA Fore Grip

A special form of the angled front handles are the closed ones. Similar to a P90, the thumb is simply guided through the hole. We noticed this especially with the ASG Hera Arms CQR.

ASG Hera Arms CQR closed angled fore grip
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