KeyMod is a modular mounting system that is often used for weapon accessories. It is in direct competition with the M-LOK system developed by Magpul Industries.

The concept was developed by VLTOR Weapon Systems. The name consists of the words Key (“key” due to the profile of the slots) and Mod (“modular”).

Shortly after the development the system was made freely usable (Open Source). The aim was to achieve the widest possible distribution. Some manufacturers have also adapted this system for themselves. For example, the Hkey system from Heckler & Koch is also based on the KeyMod system.


Like M-LOK, Keymod is also based on recesses in the material. The accessories are then fastened in these. Thus a hand guard with this is lighter than a comparable one with Picatinny rails. It is also much narrower and has a better grip.


The only disadvantages known to us are that articles from different manufacturers are not always 100% compatible with each other. Especially Airsoft replicas can have problems here. In addition KeyMod accessories do not fit directly to M-LOK or Picatinny systems. Conversely, however, a fore grip with Picatinny mount can be easily attached using an adapter.

Keymod on Airsoft Weapons


With more frequent use of Keymod with sharp weapons has naturally also led to the fact that more and more airsoft manufacturers offer accessories. Also whole weapons with such a hand protection are offered.

Recently, however, the M-Lok system has become more popular. It has also been tested by the US Armed Forces as more stable and reliable.

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