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The AK in 2 modern variants

On the outside LCK12 and LCK15 hardly differ from each other. Both are modern AK’s with a continuous Picatinny toprail for mounting optics. And these also on the body itself and not only on the hand guard. Both also have the retractable and laterally foldable shoulder support. The only real difference for us Airsoft players is the magazine.

Because the original models AK12 and AK15 differ only in the caliber. One uses the older caliber of the original Ak’s 7.62×39 mm (Ak15), the other the 5.45×39 mm (AK12) introduced with the AK74. That’s why the magazines differ slightly. The magazine of the AK15 is slightly wider and more curved than that of the AK12.

Therefore, it makes sense for LCT to directly release both models at once. Because the same parts are often used for the airsoft replicas. At the IWA 2019 you could also have a look at them (click here for the post).

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