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G&G KAC SR25 E2 APC M-LOK released – News

The well-known SR25 in its modern version by G&G Armament The G&G that has the KAC (Knights Armament Company) license is already known. And the first AR15 replicas from this license have already been presented (click here for the post). Now it's time for something bigger. And the SR25 is probably more than appropriate. This then [...]

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Umarex/VFC H&K MP7 A1 – Evo Killer? – Redwolf Airsoft – News

Does the VFC MP7 A1 AEG kill the EVO 3? The MP7 is certainly one of the best known modern PDW's/SMG's. Whether in movies or PC games, it appears more and more frequently. And there have already been some replicas. Whereby Marck however still tells a fact that many forget. The MP7 [...]

Set up the ASG/ICS Hera Arms CQR – Gambits Guide – News

How to set up the ICS Hera Arms CQR exactly? Something we hardly noticed so far with the new Hera Arms CQR is shown in the current Redwolf Airsoft video. The ECU and its settings. Gambit demonstrates them in detail, including the Burst and Fully Automatic settings which are unfortunately not available [...]

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Systema PTW89 – Type 89 – Hyperdouraku – News

The japanese assault rifle as Airsoft-PTW Systema is known for its PTW (Professional Training Weapon) series. Especially noteworthy are M4 and MP5 replicas. Now in July 2019 a replica of the Japanese Type 89 as PTW will be released. For us here in Germany/Europe this weapon is very exotic. In our [...]

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S&T ST-65 Review – Big Daddy Airsoft – News

Big Daddy from SWAT Erfurt tests the ST-65 An AK, just not in classic. This describes the ST-65 from S&T very well. A large diagonally forward facing fore grip, as well as a sideways folding stock are not characteristics of a classic AK. But it doesn't always have to be classic. [...]

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KWC 24/7 GBB – Toronto Airsoft – News

KWC 24/7 A pistol that is not immediately recognizable Toronto Airsoft is certainly right in the current video. Sometimes it is nice to see a new pistol for yourself. No USP, 1911, Glock or anything else. And the KWC 24/7 fits exactly into this category. This is a replica of the [...]

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PPS M870 Shell Ejecting Shotgun Silver Edition – Airsoft Mike – News

The PPS Shell Eject Shotgun tested by Airsoft Mike Airsoft shotguns with shells are always a highlight. And above all they are a lot of fun. Unless, of course, you try to use them on the field. Most shells are a bit too expensive and get lost easily. And dirt and dust [...]

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Umarex/VFC H&K MP7 A1 AEG Review – Hyperdouraku – News

Hyperdouraku presents the actual Highlight from Umarex The MP7 is a modern PDW and also very popular as an airsoft weapon. It is especially suitable for CQB due to its compact dimensions. It has already been manufactured by many manufacturers. As an AEP from Toyko Marui and Wellfire, the GBB version was [...]

ASG Hera Arms CQR AEG Review – Redwolf Airsoft – News

The compact ASG Hera Arms CQR AEG at Redwolf Airsoft Marck von RWA takes a closer look at the result of the cooperation between ASG, ICS and Hera Arms. Hera Arms provided the construction plans and some parts and ASG the license for this weapon. This compact airsoft gun is then [...]

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Tokyo Marui KSG12 Shotgun – Airsoft Megastore – News

Airsoft Megastore shows the Airsoft replica of the KSG12 A shotgun with two tube magazines that most of us probably know from the first John Wick movie. And then made by Tokyo Marui? Do you really need a video? Or even more so? The KSG12 stands out due to the brachial [...]

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