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Blackhawk T-Series L2D and L3D Holster – News

The new Blackhawk T-Series Holster Blackhawk introduces the new T-Series. These are available in two versions. L2D and L3D. The L2D is a level 2 and the L3D a level 3 holster. Both have a special feature, though. A combination of thumb and index finger is always needed to release the pistol from the holster. With the L3D an additional bracket [...]

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Matrix Level-1 Plate Carrier – Evike – News

Affordable plate carrier in the JPC style Airsoft Evike introduces the Matrix Level-1 plate carrier. A light and inexpensive carrier, which is externally strongly based on the well-known JPC. And the most important features of the JPC are also included. 3 integrated magazine pouches in the front for M4 magazines (or similar) and a small integrated admin pouch in the upper area. [...]

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Agilite Helmet Bridge Overview – News

Helmet Bridge - Agilite Style for your helmet The Helmet Bridge by Agilite Gear is a solid platform for the helmet. Accessories or attachments can be fixed with a drawstring. The bridge can be attached via the inner, rear, side and front Velcro layers. This ensures that nothing can fall off on this helmet. The Rear Pod is designed to fit [...]

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Backpack week at ASMC – News

Backpack Sale at* The beginning of the month is just before us and ASMC probably needs some space in the warehouse. Especially backpacks take up a lot of space. Therefore ASMC gives 40% on selected backpacks of different brands during the backpack week. Included are smaller daypacks, useful hydration packs, but also large tactical backpacks for several days. Plain or camouflage. Cheap or not so cheap. Many well-known brands [...]

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New A-TACS patterns at TRU-SPEC – IWA 2019 – News

At IWA 2019 we also looked around for the new A-TACS camouflage patterns. And at TRU-SPEC we found what we were looking for. 4 of the patterns were there. A-TACS iX, AU-X, FG-X and Ghost were presented. Only LE-X and AT-X were missing. Since LE-X is supposed to attract more attention and AT-X is intended for arctic environments, they weren't really missed either. For us the most interesting [...]

Invader Gear at ASMC – Shop News

ASMC now offers gear & clothing made by Invader Gear* We have already tested Invader Gear products as well. You can find a detailed review of the 6094A RS plate carrier here. Click here to get to the review. Click here for the 6094 A RS plate carrier at ASMC* But also other articles like the well-known Combat shirts and trousers are available at ASMC. [...]

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ConCamo at Uf Pro – IWA 2019 – News

UF Pro and the history of ConCamo The ConCamo camouflage pattern was already one of the highlights at IWA 2018. Now Uf Pro, among others, has already released clothing in this camouflage pattern. Gear is also available from some manufacturers (e.g. Zentauron) so you can fully equip yourself. But ConCamo developer Matthias Bürgin is already thinking ahead. Besides the history [...]

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Helikon-Tex News at ASMC – News

Helikon-Tex Range & Urban Gear at ASMC* Some new items from Helikon-Tex have appeared at ASMC. The Gunfighter jacket, backpacks, bags and the belt-rig-system are included. With it the range is extended slowly but steadily. Only the new Chest-Rigs are still missing. But these will certainly appear soon. Click here for the ASMC news from Helikon-Tex* All Helikon-Tex items at ASMC can be found HERE* [...]

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TMC Lightweight Saber Plate Carrier – Weapon762 – News

With Weapon762, a nice plate carrier has once again appeared. Insiders will recognize it directly as a replica of the Scarab. Now the original usually costs over 300 € and is for most Airsoft players visually appealing, but simply a bit too costly. The replica of TMC in original Multicam material is more in the reasonable range with less than 130 €. Especially when you see that [...]

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LPC Low Profile Carrier – Warrior Assault Systems – News

The Low Profile Carrier is available on Warrior Assault Systems in versions V1 and V2. Now W.A.S. has posted on Facebook a few days ago that you will soon be selling them as Laser Cut versions. The LPCs are available from Warrior Assault Systems in Multicam. At the IWA we will get more information. The difference compared to the previous versions is that there are no [...]