Tactical gear reviews

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Tactical Gear Reviews

On this page you will find all our reviews of products in the range of tactical gear. We differentiate between:

  • Carrying equipment
  • Molle pouches and accessories
  • Protective goggles
  • Holster

Carrying equipment

What is carrying equipment? These are the articles that allow you to carry additional equipment directly on your body. So plate carriers, vests and chest rigs. These can be either tactical (with fixed pouches) or modular (Molle or similar systems).

Tasmanian Tiger TT Chest Rig MK II – Review

If there is a classic among the chest rigs, then it is probably the TT Chest Rig MK II made by Tasmanian Tiger. This is offered in the current version already for several years unchanged. It has proved itself regularly also in the employment with soldiers of the German Bundeswehr (mostly probably privately purchased). Materials [...]

TMC Naval Combat Plate Carrier Vest 2016 Version

There are many clones of Crye's Cage Plate Carrier. While the upper class from the korean brand Semapo has already gained a reputation and the midfield is cleared up by the licensed versions of ZShot, we want to look at a more affordable variant today. TMC had the reputation of cheap gear that can hold a maximum of 1-2 [...]

Defcon 5 Shadow Laser Cut Plate carrier

Defcon 5 has been available on the german market as a manufacturer for some time. The products of the Italian manufacturer have been known here for over 5 years. Besides uniforms in italian vegetato, or their own development multiland (vegetato in the colors of Multicam), Defcon 5 also offers plate carriers and the compatible accessories. Today [...]

Invader Gear 6094A-RS Platecarrier

The 6094A is a very popular plate carrier in the original. It is often used by special military units. The original from LBT has already been produced for several years. LBT offers this plate carrier in different variants. These differ mainly in the size of the plates, the front (molle, fixed pockets or slick) and individual features (for example [...]

Zentauron Vulcan III Plate Carrier

Since 2011 Zentauron is already active. With one of the first products was their Vulcan plate carrier. The next stage of development followed in 2015 with the fully modular Vulcan II. Now 3 years later, the Vulcan is going into its third generation. Today we want to have a closer look at the Vulcan III. [...]

Mollepouches and accessories

After the carrying systems, the question naturally appears, what do we mount on them and how? Over the years, Molle has established itself as a frequently used system. And there are countless different types of modular pouches for this. Of course, we will not present all of them here. But with special features or a high-quality workmanship, there might also appear a review.

Templars Gear Silent First Aid Pouch – Review

Templars Gear has established a reputation as a manufacturer of tactical equipment Made in Poland. The big feature is that all products are made using laser cutting. This makes production easier and also ensures that the equipment is light and stable. These are produced in different colours. In the german camouflage patterns 5fb Flecktarn and 3fb Tropentarn [...]

Pentagon Metallon Tac-Fitness Training Plates 3kg

What do I fill my plate carrier with? Homemade foam plates, hollow plastic fake plates or "real" plates that have expired after all? Now especially for US plate carriers this question is answered mostly fast with the first two, since the protection plates of the German Armed Forces available here are not always suitable. And what if you want [...]

Zentauron Trainings Inserts NON-Ballistik – Review

What would a good plate carrier be without plates and soft ballistics? Well, in Airsoft this is of course not absolutely necessary. But such an empty plate carrier hangs unpleasantly on the user and usually fits rather badly. There are lots of plastic plates and recently also steel plates for training purposes. But the gap in soft ballistics still [...]

Zentauron Front Pouch Plate Carrier

Tactical front pouches for plate carriers are appearing more and more frequently. Initially smiled at as a pure replacement for fancy belly bags, they are becoming more and more popular. Today I want to take a look at such a pouch "Handmade in Germany". So I bought the front pouch plate carrier from Zentauron to match the already [...]

Ginger’s Tactical Gear dump pouch – Airsofttipps review

Who is Ginger's Tactical Gear? GTG is a relatively unknown manufacturer of tactical equipment based in Poland. We first came across this on Facebook. Naturally, while we searched for such manufacturers via the first part of the name. After a friendly first contact, we were able to work out a review project consisting of a GPC [...]

Protective eyewear

Probably one of the most important and unfortunately often underestimated parts of the equipment in Airsoft are the protective glasses. Here we present different models with which you can protect your eyes safely and reliably. Therefore we only use military certified glasses, because they are tested for durability under extreme conditions.

Wiley-X Saber Advanced protective eyewear – Review

Wiley-X is known above all as a manufacturer of sunglasses and protective eyewear for a wide range of applications. Even other brands have their safety glasses manufactured here in proven quality. For example, the Aileron Shield from 5.11 Tactical, which we have already tested, also came from Wiley-X production. Today we take a closer look at the Saber [...]

5.11 Tactical Aileron Shield Sandstone

The Aileron is a protective spectacle developed by 5.11 in cooperation with Wiley-X. It combines the protective function of ballistic glasses with the typical 5.11 style. This is characterized above all by the fact that the glasses can also be used very well in everyday life without neglecting the protection when this is needed. Today we looked at [...]


Where to put the pistol. Clearly into a holster! Just in which holster? We test different holsters for you on fit and durability.

Cytac Relesase Button Holster – Review

On the search for a matching holster for the backup you will find many brands. Particularly in the area of polymer holsters, these are very similar and often even rely on similar mounting systems. Often it is worthwhile to take a look at more affordable variants. Cytac is a China based manufacturer of holsters and tactical equipment. They [...]

Warrior Assault Systems Universal Holster – Review

For quite some time now, our Reaper has owned the Universal Holster from Warrior Assault Systems. What exactly is meant by "Universal Holster" and how comfortable it is, Reaper has taken a closer look at it. Dimensions Dimensions: 10 x 6,5 x 8 cm Weight: 140 gr. Material:  1000D Cordura [...]