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The japanese assault rifle as Airsoft-PTW

Systema is known for its PTW (Professional Training Weapon) series. Especially noteworthy are M4 and MP5 replicas.

Now in July 2019 a replica of the Japanese Type 89 as PTW will be released. For us here in Germany/Europe this weapon is very exotic. In our blog we have written once about this weapon. It was centered around the Type 89 GBB replica made by Toyko Marui.

Hyperdouraku was already able to test this weapon and gather some information. The Systema PTW89 comes with an M-Lok compatible hand guard and Picatinny-Toprail. So already in a more modern version. The cylinders are unfortunately not compatible with the already established M4 series.

Some more information and pictures can be found directly at Hyperdouraku in the blog. CLICK HERE

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