Black Leopard Eye

BLE BM9 GBB tested – ICS Airsoft – News

What can the new ICS BLE BM9 withstand? At the IWA 2019 we could buy some new GBB pistols made by ICS. Among them was the new BM9 from the Black Leopard Eye series, a replica of the popular M9. And ICS Airsoft shows in a somewhat extreme attempt what this weapon can withstand. Most of it should not be repeated if you want to use the weapon longer. But it is still interesting what the weapon can withstand. Be tested: [...]

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ICS BLE Black Leopard Eye Overview – AirsoftGi – News

The ICS Black Leopard Eye Series presented by AirsoftGi We ourselves have already presented the ICS BLE XAE in detail. And the enthusiasm for this weapon continues to this day. A mix of Glock, Smith & Wesson and VP9 Tactical, just made by ICS at a fair price. The guys at AirsoftGi don't seem to fully share this enthusiasm. You present the weapons, but next to them you put the more expensive Glock as a replica. However, the positive perception of the [...]

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ICS BLE XPD GBB Review – DesertFoxAirsoft – News

The compact ICS GBB pistol from the BLE series The ICS BLE (Black Leopard Eye) series is already well known. We have already tested the XAE (Xtreme Ambi Enhanced) ourselves (click here for the review). DesertFoxAirsoft takes a look at the most compact pistol of this innovative series in the current review. The ICS BLE XPD.

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ICS BLE Alpha XAE GBB Gen. 2 – Review

The ICS XAE (Xtreme Ambi Enhanced) is part of the BLE series. I noticed it 2 years ago at the IWA. Just the thought "ICS makes handguns now?" was still quite new for me. That awakened my curiosity. Now with the first cooperation with Begadi, who kindly provided us with this test piece, I can finally take a closer look at it. Packaging and scope of delivery The ICS BLE Alpha XAE GBB is delivered in a compact printed cardboard box. The gun itself [...]

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