VFC KAC SR25 ECC GBBR – Airsoft Taiwan – News

The Enhanced Combat Carbine Version of the SR25 Airsoft Taiwan presents the new SR25 ECC, manufactured as KAC license version of VFC. While the classic SR25 is designed more as a DMR, this is a heavy assault rifle. A slightly longer (1,034 mm) version of the M4, only in 7.62 mm. The length of the stock can be adjusted accordingly. This allows it to be easily adapted to the shooter and the used gear. A URX hand guard and a lightly executed [...]

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VFC Knight’s Armament SR25 ECC – Redwolf Airsoft – News

The SR25 ECC - a modern, compact version of a classic The SR25 from KAC is already a classic among DMR rifles. And the larger magazine quickly creates a brute look. If that's still in front of you as a GBBR airsoft gun, fun is guaranteed. The SR25 ECC shown by Redwolf Airsoft also stands out due to some differences to the classic versions. A retractable stock as well as a narrower hand guard facilitate the use in the CQB. A [...]

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Big Airsoftunboxing with WE G3 GBBR – Airsoftology – News

A H&K licensed WE G3 GBBR? Airsoftology has once again something very interesting. A G3 GBBR. But we know that actually or not? The box is the Umarex standard H&K as you know it and it is a G3A3. The special thing here is that it was not made by VFC, but by WE Airsoft! This is especially interesting, because WE already published first pictures and videos of a prototype of the WE G3 GBBR at the beginning of 2018 (Click [...]

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Hephaestus Enhanced Buffer Kit for Umarex HK417 GBB Series – News

Better performance for the HK 417 GBB This is exactly what Hephaestus promises with the new Enhanced Buffer Kit. And with the videos you can't contradict that. The aim of this buffer kit is to ensure that the shutter closes more clearly and is not rebounded. Something that especially concerns the VFC version. But also for the KWA HK 417 GBB presented at the IWA 2018 by Umarex such a kit is offered. Further details can be found directly at Hephaestus: [...]

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Angry Gun High Speed Bolt for Tokyo Marui MWS GBBRs – News

Light bolt for Tokyo Marui MWS GBBR's Angry Gun has now also announced the bolt to go with the just introduced adjustable MWS MPA Nozzle. It stands out due to its light weight. Of course this allows a faster movement. In order to ensure reliability and stability, the High Speed bolt is made of aluminium and reinforced with steel at the important points. Of course, this is especially noticeable in direct comparison with the original MWS bolt by Tokyo Marui. [...]

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Angry Gun MWS MPA Nozzle for Tokyo Marui GBBR – News

Angry Gun brings adjustable nozzle for MWS system The MWS system from Toyko Marui is already known for its good reliability. However, it is not flexibly adjustable. So the shot energy cannot be adjusted sufficiently for the respective playing field. One possibility was the NPAS Kit from RA-Tech. And now Angry Gun also takes care of this topic. On the Angry Gun Facebook page the new MPA Nozzle was introduced. This will be released shortly. It can be easily adjusted with an Allen key. Used [...]

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GHK AUG GBBR – The best AUG? – USAirsoft – News

Bullpup assault rifle as Gas Blow Back Especially the AUG is one of the best examples for the Bullpup design. The magazine is located behind the trigger. The advantage of this design becomes clear very quickly. A much longer barrel can be used than with the "normal" construction. To explain this, a 69 cm long AUG takes up a 40.7 cm long barrel. A G36k with a length of 83.3 cm has a barrel length of 31.8 cm. And the AUG [...]

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GHK GK74 GBBR AK74 – AST – News

The AK 74 as Gas Blow Back made by GHK GHK is known as a manufacturer of high quality weapons. And especially the AKs stand out once again. Simply by using stable steel for the body and many of the internals. Exactly as one would wish for an AK. The AK 74 is of course no exception, as you can see in the current video from AST. It shows here, it doesn't always have to be the modern AK-12, a classic [...]

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RWA Battle Arms Development GBBR – Redwolf Airsoft – News

An ultralight TM-based M4 GBBR We have already seen the RWA Battlearms Development Weapons at the IWA 2019. Marck von Redwolf Airsoft also presented them there (click here for the post). And already there the design attracted attention. Even for an M4 with PDW stock. Something you see more and more often. Both presented weapons will be produced in a limited edition and will probably be very high priced. But there are also positive ones. So the Tokyo Marui MWS system [...]

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Umarex/VFC H&K MP5 SD3 GBB – BadaBingPictures – News

MP5 SD3 - The classic MP in the silenced version Among the sub-machine guns, the MP5 is certainly by no means the newest. And it's the classic design of the SD3 version grip that makes this clear. BadaBingPictures looks at the GBB version of this weapon in the current video. It was manufactured by VFC under H&K license for Umarex. Unfortunately a weapon that we don't see so often in Germany anymore.

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