King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Review – Evike – News

King Arms PDW/PCC with MP5 magazines With the ARP-9 a new trend began, which many other manufacturers also followed. Compact lightweight PCC airsoft guns. The only drawback is often the purpose-built magazines. Since the IWA 2018, however, we have been observing an airsoft weapon with a decisive difference. It uses magazines that are already available on the market. Of course we are talking about the King Arms PDW 9mm SBR. A compact PCC based on the M4 series with [...]

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Umarex/VFC MP7 A1 AEG Review – Fox Airsoft – News

The Heckler & Koch MP7 A1 AEG presented by Fox Airsoft Already since 2018 the prototype of the MP7 was shown as AEG, we waited for this PDW. In 2019 at the IWA at Umarex it was time. The MP7 was presented as a finished product. We ourselves were allowed to test the MP7 A1 AEG in advance (click here for the review) and had a lot of fun. Now Fox Airsoft presents this Airsoft weapon in the USA as well. [...]

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Umarex/VFC H&K MP7 A1 Review – Spartan117GW – News

The highlight PDW from the IWA 2019 Well the MP7 A1 AEG was also pretty much the only new real Airsoft PDW at the IWA, but definitely a highlight. For us in particular, as we were allowed to test the MP7 in advance (Click here for our review). But in the meantime this compact AEG is available internationally and so are the available reviews. Spartan117GW also took a closer look at this weapon.

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Umarex/VFC H&K MP7 A1 AEG Review – Evike – News

The Heckler & Koch MP7 A1 as AEG at Airsoft Evike The MP7 A1 was presented for the first time at Umarex at the IWA 2019. At the same time we and our colleagues from Reaper's Airsoft could prepare a review (both videos can be found below). Now also the well-known Airsoftshop Evike in the USA shows this modern PDW from Heckler & Koch as AEG. Of course, we know this weapon well. The A1 version with foldable fore grip. Unfortunately, [...]

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PDW – Personal Defense Weapon

PDW stands for Personal Defense Weapon. So weapons with the main purpose of self-defense. These should first fill a gap between submachine guns and assault rifles. The requirements for a PDW were already formulated in 1986 by the US Army and in 1997 by NATO. They should mainly be used by nonfighting personnel (supply/logistics etc.). Therefore they should be very light (less than 1.5kg) and compact weapons. However, they should still be able to penetrate protection systems according to CRISAT Nato Standard (1.6mm titanium plate with 20 layers [...]

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Umarex/VFC Heckler & Koch MP7 A1 AEG – Review

The Heckler & Koch MP7 is a modern PDW that has been in production since 2001. In 2002 it was introduced to the Bundeswehr. It was originally designed to serve nonfighting troops as a compact personal defense weapon. First it was seen by the Special Forces and in operations abroad. The compact dimensions make it especially interesting for urban combat. It has been offered as an airsoft replica for many years. First came the AEG version by Tokyo Marui. This was quickly followed by cheaper replicas, a large [...]

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VFC MP7 A1 AEG in the VFC Catalog 2019 – News

Finally also appeared in the VFC catalogue - The Umarex/Heckerl & Koch MP7 A1 AEG Already since the Shot Show 2018 in January we are waiting for more information about the MP7 A1 AEG from VFC. Now you can have a look at them in the new VFC catalogue 2019. It doesn't give away much more than the technical data. But with the inclusion in the catalogue one can actually assume that it will be available soon. Similar to last year, when first the G3 GBB appeared [...]

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PTS VPSC VIRGO MK-1 AEG introduced – News

PTS VPSC VIRGO MK-1 released Something new and fancy has appeared at PTS. A compact AEG, the result of a collaboration between PTS and VFC. VFC contributes the Gearbox with Virgo-System to it. VFC Virgo System? According to the PTS description, this system consists of a new, reinforced ECS gearbox, made by VFC. Also the Internals list looks very good: Quick Release Gear box for individual Spring Change 8mm Ultra High Speed Ball Bearing Special Material 7 teeth Reinforced Piston Highly Tenacity Tappet [...]

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VFC H&K MP7 AEG at Airsoftology

The new Umarex/H&K MP7 made by VFC Actually we had expected such a video only shortly after the Shot Show. But Airsoftology has now shown the first unboxing of the new H&K MP7 AEG. The MP7 is shown here in the standard version with the fold-down fore grip. So it's the classic version as used by the German Armed Forces. But what you can already see in the video is that the battery is placed in the front, just like in [...]

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New videos on the King Arms PDW 9mm SBR

We have already reported about the King Arms PDW 9mm SBR a few times. And actually we had hoped that the next post would be that it arrived in germany. Or that we just happened to stumble across one of them. Unfortunately, both of these things have not happened yet. But now King Arms has released two videos about this compact PDW. In addition, a new colour version was presented on the King Arms Facebook page. King Arms video on Facebook [...]

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