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Does the VFC MP7 A1 AEG kill the EVO 3?

The MP7 is certainly one of the best known modern PDW’s/SMG’s. Whether in movies or PC games, it appears more and more frequently. And there have already been some replicas. Whereby Marck however still tells a fact that many forget. The MP7 replicas of KWA/Wellfire and Tokyo Marui were somewhat smaller than the original. It was the VFC GBB that finally brought a true to original MP7 with original dimensions onto the market. And of course the new VFC MP7 A1 AEG continues that.

Also internally this weapon can hardly be compared with the other replicas. A good comparison is certainly the CZ Evo 3 from ASG. Also a very compact AEG. Therefore the comparison Redwolf Airsoft makes in this video is very good.

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