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The Enhanced Combat Carbine Version of the SR25

Airsoft Taiwan presents the new SR25 ECC, manufactured as KAC license version of VFC. While the classic SR25 is designed more as a DMR, this is a heavy assault rifle. A slightly longer (1,034 mm) version of the M4, only in 7.62 mm.

The length of the stock can be adjusted accordingly. This allows it to be easily adapted to the shooter and the used gear. A URX hand guard and a lightly executed outer barrel reduce the weight of this weapon to less than 4 kg. The continuous Picatinny-Toprail can be fitted with an optic, which is simply supplemented with a 45° offset sight. By the way, the latter is already included in the scope of delivery of VFC.

Click here for our overview page of the VFC SR25 ECC GBBR

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